Picking Winners


When it comes to picking friends and influencing people, Jesus on the face of it was a little unconventional.  When He chose His disciples He picked 4 (perhaps 6) fishermen, known for their outspoken, not always politically correct or sensitive utterances. He also picked a tax-collector, Matthew (always appreciated by the public), and a political activist, Simon.  He chose no rabbis, rich men or celebrities.   He spent time with other tax collectors (Zacchaeus), and reputed prostitutes (Mary Madeline).  Yet, this group of unlikely spokes people changed the world.  James, the fisherman was martyred, and Peter imprisoned. They were loyal and though not well educated or influential, proved that Jesus saw with the eyes of God what potential people held, not just what the world sees.

Do we do the same?  We who are chosen, have been called not because “who we are,” but because “what we can become.”


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