Central Event in History


I was teaching a class today and one of the learning points on the significance of the resurrection is that without it there would be no Christianity.  Well, yes and no, there may well  have been some branch of Judaism that followed the “School of Yeshua,” but it is the fact that He rose in accordance with the scriptures that proved His identity, and made His teachings indisputably greater than any teacher before (or after) Him.  He was who He said He was, He came to give life, and He proved it by conquering death.  His rising is the central event in history, as it changed the world.  Not a cultural change (though that is true too), but a change in humans’ relationship with the Creator.  We were bought with a price, and became His children in a new sense.  Not only were we made by Him, but we were made brothers and sisters of His only begotten Son.  Now there is a change worth noting.


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