On Obedience


I have had the good fortune of being blessed two weeks in a row by powerful messages from dedicated, godly sisters.  Sister Cheryl brought a wonderful message on obedience today, it was from the heart and touched some key but often overlooked points.

She began with the reflection that Jesus showed the ultimate act of obedience in fulfilling His father’s plan.  More importantly His obedience was an act of love – to the Father, but ultimately to you and me.

Sister Cheryl noted that obedience is a mark of our legacy, as our example influences those around us.  We are loved and forgiven, and we are the roadway to that same blessing to others from our examples.  We should never underestimate that responsibility, or opportunity.

She also noted that being faithful in the little things is just as important as the grand demonstrations of faith.  She in humility and honesty admitted to the “lies” of her faith when a youth. What an example from this sister!  How many of us try to let those points of our journey remain in the shadows, hoping no one ever recalls them?  Being always obedient is hard, but how infinitely easier than the obedience shown by the Lord.

Again, are we focused on following the lead of the Saviour?  Where He calls us, we should go.  What He commands us, we should do.  Thank you Cheryl for the inspiration, clear delivery, and honest witness!


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