Brother Jerry from Youth For Christ recently did a lesson on the importance of Easter for Christians.  He noted all of the usual points on Jesus’ celebrity welcome into Jerusalem, the events of the week, and the last supper.  He came to the crisis of Gethsemane, and the crucifixion.  He then went on to challenge the students with the fact that all this was in a greater plan.  It was a plan with one aim – to overcome, and erase our sin.  This took the ultimate sacrifice by the ultimate being.  Why did he do it?  Why did He die?  The answer is our sin.

Sin, Jerry explained is the breaking of the relationship between humans and God.  And how was that relationship broken?  By the same method our human relationships are damaged and destroyed: Selfishness.  At the heart of sin is an I.  At the heart on sin is the fact that we put “I” first.

When we look after our own desires and wants;  when we insist on our “rights;”   when we neglect our responsibilities we often enter into sin.  It is putting ourselves ahead of God’s will.  It is ignoring His omniscient wisdom in favour of our own weak understanding.

Fortunately Jesus did not share in our self-centredness. He said “not my will Father, but thine.” When we were lost in sin, He “so loved the world,” that He paid the price of our selfishness.

Let’s try to remember that next time I and its friends me and myself rear their heads.


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