Preparing to Move


Pastor Emmanuel Kokonyo delivered an incredible message today on our transformation in Christ.  He based his message on James 4:10: “ Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”  In Christ we can be elevated, lifted up to greater things.

This has two stages, as the Word makes it clear.  We must first humble ourselves.  That is our job.  We cannot do the elevating.  That would be self-exaltation or pride, and in it all we can expect is a fall.  Nor, should we (as Brother Emmanuel so rightly said) call on God to humble us.  If we do, He will be faithful, but beware the results.  Just look how far He allowed Job to fall, and he didn’t even ask for it.  So the humility of the heart, the appreciation of God given gain is up to us.

The second stage, it that God will prepare us for the elevation to come.  He will give us the opportunities, skills, mentors, and challenges to prepare us to make the move.  This is not the time for stagnation.  When you see the building equipment, Brother Emmanuel explained, you know something new is coming.  Are we ready to face the challenge?  If we are truly humble to the Lord’s guidance, then we like Christ will say “Your will, not mine be done.”

When the stages are complete, God will lift us up to new heights, new opportunities, and new responsibilities.  This building up is God’s job, not ours.  He is faithful and true, He is the exalter.

So be humble, be vigilant, be ready to grow.


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