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I was looking at the “I have a dream . . . ” speech by Dr King, and while I found it powerful, and wonderfully delivered, it lead me to ponder dreams.  Here I am not talking of visionary aspirations, as Martin Luther King put forward, but actual dreams.

What started as a humourous musing, led to a real discovery.  Which King had a dream?  Well, yes Martin; but also the literal kings, Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar.  We often note that the prophets could have divine visions through dreams.  Both Joseph and Daniel did.  What is more inspiring is that the ungodly kings of Genesis and Daniel were perplexed by their dreams.  It took men of God to show them meaning, and a way forward.  God can use any medium to show His will to the world.  It might be Pharaoh, or even Balaam’s donkey, but in the end it brings glory to the creator of all.

Are we dreamers of dreams?  If so are we also interpreters?  If not interpreters, are we seekers of meaning from those who are, or from those with the teaching and wisdom gifts?  If we are not “dreamers” are we those ready to act on the dreams and visions of those who inspire us? Are we ready, to share in a dream today?


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