An Act of Compassion


The crucifixion was the ultimate act of compassion.  An innocent man gave His life, on behalf of the guilty.  He did it of His own free will, and passed up multiple opportunities to avoid it, and failed to call in greater powers to stop it.

In the midst of this act there was a second. As He was dying His mother, Mary stood mourning the loss of her son.  This in a age with no social welfare, and in which widows often perished.  Jesus seeing her there, and observing the disciple John nearby, makes His second moving compassionate gesture.  He says in today’s language: “John, mate, take care of my mum.”  Then He continues, “Mum, go with John.  He will look after you.”

In the midst of pain, and anguish He looks after His mother.  This is truly Sonship.


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