He Is Risen!


Today is generally known as Easter.  It has in much of the US and UK to be connected with bunnies, chocolate eggs, and an extra day off work (on Friday, Monday, or both).  It is, however, the most significant day on the Christian calendar.  Here I must differ from C.S. Lewis, who said Christmas was the central event of human history.  I believe it is the resurrection day!

Yes, the advent of Christ at Christmas was the coming of joy to the world, and good will to men.  It was the Word of God taking on flesh to be Emmanuel, God with us.  But, as spectacular as that was, He came with a mission.  That mission was to lay down His life for us.  His death, His blood, His sacrifice cleanses us.  But if His death were the end of the story, where would our hope be?  It is not that He was born (we all do that), nor that He died (we surely will do that too), but that He rose from the dead.  He defeated death ad the grave, and in so doing, gives us hope for a life everlasting as well.

Bunnies are nice; chocolate is yummy; but and empty tomb is awesome!  Praise God today, He is risen!


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