Judge Not


There is no doubt that Christians around the world face persecution.  In Egypt on Palm Sunday, Coptic Christians were targeted.  Christians in Pakistan and parts of northern India face hostility.  In the West, Christianity is marginalised, and the media ridicule and satirise faith.  So, with these facts stated, I found myself on the “wrong side” in a recent theological discussion.  The question was raised, “How do you evangelise Muslims, since all they will do is attack you.”  I said that I didn’t minimalise the challenges faced by saints in many Muslim majority places, but I found the second part of the question problematic.  While it is true that “some Muslims” may attack you [here the context was literally in the physical sense], I challenged that it may well be an overstatement when speaking of all 1.6 billion Muslims.  We, as well as the world, need to free ourselves of stereotypes.  Jesus taught that we should not judge [and especially pre-judge] “lest we be judged (Luke 6:37).” Ultimately the answer to his question, is “One person at a time.”  If we treat everyone we meet with respect; if we acknowledge that we as well as they are sinners; if we present Christ with the same understanding, loving, and forgiving attitude Jesus modelled – then we can change the world.


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