I am a sinner.  This is not a terrific confession of heinous crimes as the world would see them, but rather a statement of fact.  I fall short of the glory of God.  I fail in my relationships with God and my fellow humans.  As a Christian, I am just as prone to the failings of the world as anyone else.  I am not perfect, just forgiven.

This reflection is especially relevant today.  Today we had an identity theft/false credit card usage against our accounts.  It is easy to immediately blame this evil on the criminals involved as somehow being less than human.  But in fact, they were being exactly that – human.

I am no less upset, and I pray that since it was discovered early, that the bank will fix the situation with minimal or no loss to us.  But, it was a time for self reflection.  Was I as careful with my security as I should have been?  Am I no less guilty of falling short?  Are my misdemeanors no less abhorrent to God?

Some very sad, troubled reflections for the day.  Lord, forgive me my failings.


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