An Afternoon of “Southern Comfort”


The Southern Comfort “Mississippi” Paddle Boat is a wonderful little touring vessel that plies the Norfolk Broads.  It sets out from The Swan Hotel in Horning and takes a leisurely journey through the Broads taking in the nature, bank-side life, and boating of the waterway. The main sights and history of the area are given a continuous commentary during this 1 1/2 to 2 hour tour.

The Broads are a series of rivers and man-made lakes in eastern Norfolk and northern Suffolk.  These waterways were formed when the peat cuttings (the natural material being used for fuel in Medieval Norwich) flooded over time.  They cover an area is 303 square kilometres, and have over 200 kilometres of navigable waterway.

This tour boat made an appearance as part of the setting of the 2015 film, 45 Years for which Charlotte Rampling received an Oscar nomination.

The Southern Comfort is a great way to take in the area from Horning, along the River Bure through the village and out to Ranworth Broad and back.  The boat accommodates about 100 or so passengers, with upper deck  seating for 68 passengers (with the best views), and  the lower deck has a  lounge that seats 46.


The reed beds, thatched houses, and river craft all make for some great photographs.

On the day we toured, the weather was perfect, and we received friendly greetings from the passing boats, and later had a light lunch at The Swan.




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