Leisurely Day On the Kiel Canal


3- Approcahing First Lock

First Lock

A couple of years ago we made a passage of Germany’s Kiel Canal.  It was a leisurely journey through the German countryside, and offered some wonderful views of the life along the waterway and of nature.

23- Canal

Peaceful Passage

The canal is long 98-kilometres (61 miles), and provided an entire day of  “chill time,” as we made our way to Scandinavian cities further east.  It was a day for cups of tea, and just taking it in as we sat in the sun loungers.

The people along the route were friendly and we were often waved to by local residents, and hikers and cyclists.  Small ferry crossings and bridges dotted our path, and where these were absent, water-fowl abounded.

Okay, maybe not the most exciting holiday activity (as opposed to water skiing or rock climbing), but for a traveler “of a certain age” it was a wonderful experience.

28- Final Lock

Last Lock





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