Barcelona: Gaudi, Olympics, and More

Barcelona is a city with a distinct character, and the artist/architect Gaudi has left his mark.  The Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera are wonderful examples of his style.  But the city also has the Olympic Stadium, Gothic Architecture, and former bull fighting stadiums, all contributing to the character of the place.

There are beach front leisure activities, and wonderful gardens as well.  For the foodies there is paella and fresh seafood.  The city also had a Hard Rock Cafe (yes, we do make a point of visiting them in as many cities as we can), and several sidewalk eateries near the cathedral and the Sagrada Familia.

La Piazzenza - Paella

The cathedral is also wonderful to visit, and in contrast with the SF in design, but not in purpose.  This is a city with monasteries, and churches to explore.

There is a Hop-on-Hop-off service, and it is a great way to gets one’s bearings before making a more in-depth exploration.

Oh, did I mention that the weather is wonderful as well.




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