Canaries Cruise (Part 4): Gran Canaria

Our voyage on the Columbus next took us to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.  The Columbus link was clear here with a full-sized replica of the explorer’s ship Nina at the port and Columbus’ residence on the island in the Old Town.


When we arrived we caught the City Sightseeing Hop on Hop off at the port and toured the city.  It provided us with panoramic views and stops at the Opera House, Beaches, and the Old Town.



We made an extended stop at the Old Town. Here we found Santa Ana’s Cathedral, and Columbus’ House and sidewalk cafes.  It was really atmospheric, and indeed did feel like a step back into Spain’s past.

Old Town 2

Old Town

We stopped for drinks at the Cafe Habana.  Prices were reasonable, and it was a great vantage point to take in the feel of the Old Town.  Initially sitting in the sidewalk seating, and then exploring the inside of the cafe made for a good pit stop.

Cafe Habana 1


Cafe habana 3

We finished our tour with a journey past the naval station, and on to the ship.  A tiring but wonderful day.  Sailing on wards in the late evening our next destination was Tenerife.


[An aside:  It is amazing that the Columbus Expedition crossed the Atlantic in vessels like the Nina. The little caravel is open decked and is only 17.3 metres long, and has a draught of 1.2 metres. Nina also only displaces 36.3 tons.]

Contact for Hop on Hop Off

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