An Iconic Foodie “Bucket List”

Some dishes or drinks are iconic. Some places have their special foods, and if I have had that food in that place it makes it to the list. Though a pescetarian now, I have not always been and this is reflected in some items on the list.  So here it goes:

Alaskan King Crab – in Anchorage, Alaska

Apple Strudel – in Munich and Wismar, Germany

Belgian Waffles – in Bruges, Belgium

Cheddar Cheese – at Cheddar Gorge, England

Chesapeake Blue Crab – in Maryland

Chili – Dallas, Texas

Chinese Chicken Hot Pot – in Hong Kong

Cromer Crab – in Cromer, Norfolk

Eel and Parsley Liquor Sauce – London, England

Escargot – in France

Fish and Chips – in London, England

Fish Tagine – Marrakech, Morocco

Fried Catfish – in Memphis, Tennessee

Goulash – in Budapest, Hungary

Guinness (taste)  – in Dublin, Ireland

Haggis- in Inverness, Scotland

Honey Cake – in Madeira, Portugal

Kimchi – in Pohang, S.Korea

Madeira Wine (taste) – Madeira, Portugal

New York Cheese Cake – New York, New York

Paella – in Spain

Philly Cheese Steak – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pie and Mash – London, England

Sabih – in Jerusalem, Israel

Sushi – in Osaka, and Okinawa, Japan

Have you had some of these, or other iconic place-related dishes? If so please share your list.




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