Bible Fruits Smoothie


There are seven fruits (not including grains) referenced in the Bible.  These are grapes, olives, dates, figs, pomegranates, almonds, and apples.  I was wondering how these would work as a fruit salad, and struck on the idea of trying them as a smoothie instead. It seemed prudent to omit olives from the trials (for what to me was self-explanatory) and stick with the “sweet” fruits.  After some trial and error, this is what I arrived at.

I hope you may find it enjoyable.

Bible Fruits Smoothie

250 ml Pomegranate Juice [Joshua 15:32 and Numbers 13:23]

125 ml Almond Milk [Numbers 17:8]

50 ml Apple Juice [I Chronicles 2:43 and Song of Songs 7:9]

6 Large Purple or Black Grapes (seedless) [Numbers 13:23]

3 Dates (pitted) [Psalms 92:7–8, and referenced Joel 1:12]

2 Figs [Numbers 13:23]

6-8 Ice Cubes (more for thicker consistency)

Soak the figs and dates in apple juice for 2 hours, then add the whole fruits and un-absorbed juice to blender with the ice, grapes, and liquid ingredients.  Blend until smooth.

Pour into a large glass (or share in smaller glasses) and serve.  There is a tiny bit of grittiness from the fig seeds, date pulp, and grape skins but it is relatively smooth, and has a sweet flavour.  I have experimented with adding a Tablespoon of honey [Proverbs 24:13] but find it a little too sweet for my taste.

Reading on the various ingredients there is fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and other “good stuff” in this drink.  But more importantly to me, it is non-alcoholic, and tastes good.

I would love to hear back from anyone who tries this, and would welcome any refinements to the recipe.




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