Spires and Mermaids: A Trip to Copenhagen

We made a whirlwind trip to Copenhagen as our ship arrived in the late evening and departed at lunchtime the following day.  To make the most of the experience we headed off to the Hard Rock Cafe, and had some nice drinks and experienced “the scene.”  Then back to the ship for an early start next morning.

We started the next day with the Hop on Hop Off service, and had a good look around the main sights, taking in Copenhagen’s great spires. The spiral of the Church of Our Saviour is beautiful, and that of the Old Stock Exchange reminded me of the horn of a Narwhal.

St Nikolaj Church 1

It was then off to Little Mermaid. I found the iconic landmark beautiful. The statue itself is smaller than I expected, but is still impressive. It is a busy site, and tour buses make regular stops here, so getting a really good view may take some time. The experience was still worth the wait, and several souvenir stands are nearby to mark your visit. These are far enough away from the mermaid as to not ruin the atmosphere though. It is a must see if in the city.


Little Mermaid

I then had one of those foodie moments, when I had to have a danish in Denmark.  So a bakery was found, and apricot danish enjoyed.

Danish Danish

Bakery for Danish Danish

For such a fast visit, it was a rich experience.  Mocktales at Hard Rock, fresh danish, spires and mermaids.  I hope to some day visit again for a longer stay. Perhaps the perfect wish for the fountain.

Wishing Fountain 1



Hop on Hop off link


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