A Visit to Cavendish, Suffolk

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Suffolk Pink Houses in Cavendish

In a previous post on the lesser known villages of Constable Country and the Stour Valley, I talked about Kersey.  An equally beautiful, and historic village in that same region is Cavendish.

Cavendish has a large green, three pubs, and some wonderful period views.


The views take you back to a bygone era.  And the village does indeed have a past.  It was the home of the father and son (both John) Cavendish who were key in the putting down of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.  John the Younger is said to be the king’s servant who delivered the fatal blow to the Revolt’s already wounded leader, Wat Tyler.  In response the peasants in Suffolk retaliated by killing the elder John Cavendish at nearby Bury St Edmunds.


The village today has several remarkable houses, with detailed plaster work, and the striking Suffolk Pink.  The village is small but offers a lot in views and atmosphere.  After taking in the green, we went to the George (already mentioned in my Ancient Pubs posts), and had a quiet drink.


Suffolk is full of these wonderful time capsule villages, and it is well worth going off the beaten track to take them in.


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