A Visit to Newton’s Woolsthorpe

Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire is the birthplace, and home of Sir Issac Newton.  It is a 17th Century yeoman’s holding, and is now a property of the National Trust.

This is a relatively small Trust property, and it can be taken in fairly quickly.  That said, there is a small tea room and gift shop, and there are several interesting feature such as the coat of arms, and the famous apple tree to take in, and take one’s time with.

Plague temporarily closed Cambridge University in 1666, so Issac returned to Woolsthorpe and continued his experiments on light, optics, and refraction.  It was while here that he is said to have witnessed an apple falling from a tree in the orchard.  This chance encounter, led to him to develop his law of universal gravitation.

This as noted is a yeoman’s house, and while not grand, it gives wonderful insights into life in the late 17th and early 18th Centuries.   Exhibits include a short film about Isaac Newton, science displays and activities for children, and the historic house and preserved apple tree.   The staff are friendly and helpful, and the small size of the manor makes even a quick visit easy and informative.


National Trust Link

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