Cranberry Ginger Pie

DSC03466aOne of the festive seasonal treats that I have made over the years is Cranberry Ginger Pie.  This has the the tartness of the berries, a countering sweetness, and a mild bite of ginger to follow.  My family has always been appreciative of it, so here it goes:


  • Fresh Cranberries (300 grams or 2/3 lb)
  • Sugar (200 grams or 1 cup granulated)
  • Water (250 ml or 1 cup)
  • Ground Ginger (2 tsp)
  • Pie Crust (see recipe)
  • Eggs (4 separated whites)
  • Caster Sugar (150 grams)


Prepare the pie crust and press into a lightly greased or oiled pie pan.  Set aside.

Rinse berries thoroughly removing any spoiled or damaged fruit.  The in a large pan bring the water and granulated sugar to a low boil and add the ginger spice.  Then stir in the berries and bring to a boil and then reduce waiting for all of the fruit to burst.

Let the berry mixture stand about five minutes and then pour into the pie crust.  Place into a preheated (175 C /350F) oven.  Bake for fifteen to twenty minutes (when crust begins to brown).  While pie is baking, whisk or electric mix the egg whites till they begin to thicken, and gradually add the caster sugar.  Whip until a stiff meringue.

Remove pie from oven at 15-20 minutes (when crust is beginning to brown) and evenly spread meringue onto the top, and return to oven until the meringue begins to brown (approx. 15 minutes).  Remove from oven and allow to cool thoroughly.  I find it best if chilled after cooling.

Let me know how it goes.






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