Tweaking the Ramblings: An Early New Year’s Resolution



I started to put some order into my ramblings earlier in the month, and said then I would see in January if it was working.  Basically it has, though the lumping of “themed” posts on Wednesday to Friday did leave some unpredictability for what to expect on the rest of the week.  While I haven’t changed the balance of themes and musings, I felt it would break things up more and help readers to know what days to find what.  Therefore, a new running order (or it being me “hobbling order”) is ready a little ahead of time.

Schedule of Posts:

  • Monday Musings  (Miscellaneous  topics)
  • Travel Tuesday   (Trips, Holidays, and Cruises)
  • Witness Wednesday (Spiritual themes)
  • Thoughts for Thursdays (General musings)    
  • Foodie Friday (Recipes and reflections on food in general)
  • Weekend Ramblings (Wherever my musings take me)



I plan on leaving this structure in place through 2018, so to all of you who have so kindly read and followed my scribblings, first of all thank you.  For those who read my various themes, hopefully you now know when to expect them.  And to all of you have a wonderful new year.


2 thoughts on “Tweaking the Ramblings: An Early New Year’s Resolution

  1. i do love organization! i’m really impressed at how your blog has grown and the diversified themes you cover. and also at how diligent you are in posting daily; it’s challenging to make the time to write. you’re the bee’s knees, padre!

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