Aussie Floaters in the East of England

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I haven’t written a restaurant review for this blog before, but this Pie Shop really deserves the to be publicised.  I had read several great reviews of the Flaming Galah in Norwich, Norfolk,  so decided to make the journey to check it out. This is a little storefront, takeaway type establishment, but so much more. It really is a “don’t judge a book by its cover” affair.

As a storefront shop, it only has a couple of outdoor tables, and some bench and stool type seating inside. It does however, really excel as a takeaway.  It is real quality, eating in or taking away. The decor is simple, and Aussie themed, as one might imagine. There are some interesting signs, which inform customers that it is not a fast food place, but one that does good food as fast as they can. A wonderful concept, and true in execution. Another catchy sign informs patrons that “well behaved children are welcome, the rest will be made into pies.” Joking apart, what really catches one’s attention is the display of hot golden pies.

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They generally serve 12 varieties a day, and have daily specials in addition to their standard menu. Recent specials have included a “Christmas Leftovers” pie made with gammon, turkey and bubble and squeak. Past pies have also included taco inspired creations, a venison pie, and a Cajun pie.  It is fascinating the things they can make into a delicious pie.

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On our visit my wife had a “Classic Aussie Pie” (minced beef, onion, gravy and tomato sauce) topped with mushy peas, potato mash, and gravy. I had a “Greek Pie” (spinach, roasted red pepper, black olives, and feta) topped with the potatoes, peas, and veggie gravy. These were generously, very tasty, and had a really superior pastry. the pies were perfectly cooked, and I noted that it wasn’t a rush job, as when the pie was nearly finished, it was taken from the foil baking pan, and baked some more to have the entire crust crisp and golden.  There was none of the soggy bottom mush found with some pie sellers.

This is a place to be visited again and again, and I love that they have several veggie and pescetarian options. It is highly recommended.

I debated when I should post this.  Should it be on a “Foodie Friday,” or on a “Travel Tuesday?” I am still not sure which would be best fitted, so for now – it is on a general ramble for the weekend.


Flaming Galah

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