Visiting Walsingham, Norfolk


Walsingham Shrine

It has been called England’s Nazareth, the shrine at Walsingham in Norfolk.  In  1061 Lady Richeldis de Faverches had a vision of Mary who instructed her to have a house constructed which was a copy (so the story records) of the home in which Jesus grew up in.  Lady Richeldis obey and had the structure built, and during its construction a spring was found that offered healing properties.  The completed house became a centre of pilgrimage until the destruction of the monasteries in 1538.  The present shrine was built in 1938 and has once again become a place of pilgrimage.

I have visited the shrine, and surrounding village on several occasions. The Anglican centre is welcoming, and several chapels in addition to the “Holy House” are available for worship and meditation.  The village also has the ruins of the Medieval monastery, a Catholic church (and a basilica nearby), and an Orthodox church.






The shrine grounds have some very nice gardens, and the grounds are peaceful.  The shrine has a refectory but there are a couple of pubs in the village as well, including the Black Lion which has Medieval origins, and developed into a coaching inn.

The village also has several shops selling religious items (rosaries, badges, etc) and mementos for pilgrims.

Below is a humorous take on the shrine, made by members of the centre’s staff.

and now a more serious introduction,


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