“What Could Be More Natural?”: 8 Quotes on Prayer


I recently spoke (and posted) on the topic of ceaseless prayer. Today, I am continuing on the theme by looking at what some great Christian thinkers have said on the seamless, continual place of prayer in our lives.

  1. “Prayer is not a hard requirement – it is the natural duty of a creature to its creator, the simplest homage that human need can pay to divine liberality.”  Charles Spurgeon

The act prayer and praise directed to our creator should be natural, and is the outpouring of thankfulness. This “natural” outpouring is cited in our next two quotes.

2. “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”  Martin Luther

3. “Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.” Jonathan Edwards

But, if our prayer is natural, we need to be as well.  We need to remember that the Father sees us as we are, and any attempts on our part to be artificial disrupt the pure communication.

4. “We must lay before him what is in us; not what ought to be in us.” C.S. Lewis

Not only this, but prayer should be organic.  While it may be scripture referenced, or mentally constructed (after all it is communication), it can also be from your heart and spirit.

5. “Prayer continues in the desire of the heart, though the understanding be employed on outward things.” John Wesley

Ultimately prayer is more than about our desires, it is about our love of Him who provides. This “love song” of the heart, need not even require words.

6.”Prayer is an act of love; words are not needed.”   Teresa of Avila

And as an act of love, we should focus less on what we need, but on the relationship (first), and thanksgiving for what we have already been blessed with.

7. “… so our customary practice of prayer was brought to mind: how through our ignorance and inexperience in the ways of love we spend so much time on petition.” Julian of Norwich

Yes, it is about love.  Not just ours for Him, but His to us.

8. “Trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love, and the future to God’s providence.” Augustine of Hippo

Prayers are words of love.  What could be more natural?








4 thoughts on ““What Could Be More Natural?”: 8 Quotes on Prayer

  1. The perfect prayers and how to pray are of course instructed in the Bible our map in life. All wonderful quotes of mere mortals however take heed to the teachings of the scripture. I have three rules when I pray 1. Never ask for worldly possessions 2. Never seek revenge through prayer 3. Always admit I am unworthy
    Then there are three things I make sure to go in prayer with 1. Praise Him 2. Thank Him 3. Above all Love Him
    I say a prayer every day for my three sons and call them by name and I beg God to protect their mind, body and soul.
    Bless and be blessed

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