Water Lilies and More: A Visit to Monet’s Giverny

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Japanese Bridge

A while back I had the opportunity to make a summer visit to Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny, France.  My youngest had long had a fascination with the artist, so we decided to take her there for a birthday treat.

The gardens were relatively easy to find, and we were able to park easily for entry into Monet’s estate.  The water gardens, formal gardens, and house all provided a wonderful backdrop to his work, and we spent time just looking at the beauty, but also trying to find the vantage points from which some of his most famous paintings were made from.

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Water Lilies

The water gardens were my favourites, and the Japanese Bridge, and the Water Lilies were easy to find.  The weeping willows, moored boats, and flower gardens also featured, and we much enjoyed seeking them out.

The queues for Monet’s house were the busiest place, but as a whole the gardens while busy were not crowded.

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Monet’s House

The village of Giverny had a nice cafe, and we were able to have a brief snack before making our return trip to the UK.  This was a wonderful place to enjoy natural beauty, and to reflect on art history.


2 thoughts on “Water Lilies and More: A Visit to Monet’s Giverny

  1. Thank you for sharing! Beautifully captured and fascinating! I was thinking of weeping willows yesterday on our walk. I lived in Ohio for three months in my early twenties and I was facinated with the weeping willows. Up north in Alaska our trees do not grow very tall, but down south they grow very big. How is your wife doing? She has been on my heart and I continue to pray for a beautiful couple! Best regards, Gertie

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