February Reflections

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We are entering into February, the shortest month of the year.  It is still winter, though in the UK the snowdrops and crocus flowers are starting to make their appearance.  At this time last year my blog was only a few months old, and was still exclusively theology and scripture based.  I had yet to come to understand the need for tags, and I used pictures sparingly.

Well short month, irregular posting times, and inexperience paid off.  Well it paid off if that means it was the lowest readership of any month since I began posting (with a grand total of ONE view).

So what have I learned?

First, to see life as more than one dimensional. Don’t get me wrong here, focusing on a single theme in a blog is great. More importantly, writing on spiritual themes is a true reflection of my values, it is the centre of my life.  But, there is more to me than my faith, so I have shared more of my experiences over time and shown more of myself to those of you who read me.

Secondly, writing while it can be a great release of the self, is for others to enjoy.  I have learned to think, not just “what’s important to me,” but what might others find interesting.  Hopefully, I have had something to offer you.

Third, the blogosphere is a community. I have begun to read more and follow more.  I have made “friends” and feel a loyalty and compassion for those with whom I interact with both as a writer and a reader.  Irish, Gertie, Steven, and others (all too many of you to list – but you are valued) are near and dear to my heart. I actually miss you guys when you don’t post.

Fourth, I have learned the practical stuff such as using tags, and photos.  These do promote themselves.  So easy, so straight forward.

Finally, be thankful.  Yes to God, ALWAYS! But also to those of you who use your precious time to visit me.  I hope I always acknowledge your comments with at least a “like.”  But please be assured each of you, even casual visitors are really appreciated.

As a final thought, if any of you might be interested in what I was posting a year ago, please do visit.  There is some good stuff there (even if I say so myself).



8 thoughts on “February Reflections

  1. It was that one, only one is all that is needed to make a significant difference. You are a blessing to me and others and I set my goal at first to just one. I was looking to reach that one, capable of great change. When actually, we are that One when we come together, it’s beautiful the fellowship we share in Jesus Christ. Thank you.

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