A Matter of Scale


In cooking, and in life in general, scale is important.  If you are throwing together a snack, the difference of a gram or two either way usually doesn’t have a major impact.  General scales and guess-work are often all that is needed.  For more intricate dishes, tiny differences in the amount of spice or thickeners can have and profound effect on the subtlety of the flavours, or on the textures of the dish.  Precision can make all the  difference.

In my kitchen we have some grand old fashioned scales with brass weights and it is wonderful for rough work, and bread making.  We also have a set of electronic postal scales.  These are more exact than we can possibly ever need going into milligrams, but they are really useful when dividing recipes, or doing the fine work with spices.

Life is often that way too.  We can cut a few corners, make estimates rather than surveys, and get by with vague greetings to ones we know.  But there are times when “close enough for government work” doesn’t cut it.  We in our budgeting may need to really come in in the black, as there is not reserve to fall back on.  We might give that vague “How are you?” to someone who really needs to tell you how they are.  Are we prepared for that challenge?  Have you ever giving that quick and easy “Howdy” with no expectation of hearing (or sadly caring about) an answer?

Personally, I do try to only offer an open greeting of that sort with an expectation, of listening.  Usually, it is greeted with a “Fine, thanks,” but not always.  Sometimes it is about scale.  Rough and ready “Okay,” versus “I am really felling down.”  The first can be responded to with a nod.  The latter requires your ear, and better still your heart.

As a person of faith, I cannot afford to be lax. As Sister Lisa commented on in church a few weeks ago, we are ambassadors.  Are we cutting corners in the work we are tasked with from above? Are we shoddy workmen, or do we work with all of the precision of my kitchen postal scales?

Rough estimates work some of the time.  Exactitude rarely is expected of us (unless you work in finance). But in the eyes of God, there is an area we cannot dodge or hedge.  It is our conduct.  An ounce of extra flour may not spoil the loaf.  But sin in our lives, is still sin.  When it comes to scale there are not big sins and little sins.  People often think of the Ten Commandments and the weighty sins of murder, and theft.  But covetousness and disrespect to parents weigh equally heavy on God’s scales.

Let us examine our lives today, and measure them with the postal scales of His word, and not with the guesswork of indifference.



4 thoughts on “A Matter of Scale

    • I have tried to be disciplined with it, and yet to keep it fun. I enjoy writing, and the spiritual posts usually flow from my Bible studies, or what I am teaching at the time to my students. Recipes are usually the meals I have cooked in that week.

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  1. Through Jesus Christ we are freed from sin, with Him in our heart the desire to sin evades us. The more one gets to know Jesus the less desire for the ways of this world. Our fight is not of man but of spirits. The Holy Spirit is everywhere and intercedes for all who have Jesus in their heart, by grace and by faith we are saved and truly free from sin. Thanks for sharing we all need reminding. God bless you and your wife!

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