Travels on My Mind: Keeping the Memories Alive


Recalling journeys can take many different forms.  There are those holiday (vacation) snaps, souvenirs, and the stories that remain with you always.

The world of mementos is huge, and over the years we have gathered a wide variety.

Our “go to” collectible is fridge magnets.  We have dozens (well over 120).  These are displayed on the kitchen refrigerator and some more in our upstairs mini-kitchen. [My wife’s health has created a situation during her treatment in which she couldn’t always get downstairs when I was at college, so we converted on bedroom with a microwave, small fridge and kettle].

In addition to these we have more substantial souvenirs on a special shelf upstairs, in which mini Eiffel Towers, Leaning Towers, and Little Mermaids feature, alongside East European icons, and Welsh spoons.

imageedit_2_8285746082 (1).jpg

Personally I have also marked pilgrimages with walking stick medallions (where these have been available) and pilgrims’ badges where they have not.  These are kept not only as mementos, but as items of reflection.


imageedit_3_4590996950 (3).jpg



My Staff with Canturbury, La Mont Saint Michel, and Santiago Badge

Stories are often recounted on this forum, but also have featured in Toastmasters speeches, and as anecdotes to my students.  All these collectively keep my journeys “alive.”

Fridge magnets are usually only a few euros (or equivalent) each, while mini statues are anything up to 10 euros.  Badges are relatively inexpensive as well.  Some items such as Moroccan tiles, and Arab table clothes, and a beautifully embroidered Lithuanian shawl have been more dear, but are treasured.

How do you mark your past adventures?  I would love to know.



One thought on “Travels on My Mind: Keeping the Memories Alive

  1. on my around-the-world trip, i sent home art and such via post. i’d imagined a house decorated with the textile and statuary, but it is all in boxes. on my solo european trip, i made a small fabric pouch – like you could wear on a string around your neck – and only permitted myself items that would fit inside. there’s a worry stone from connemara, plaster robin’s eggs with hannah gave me, a stone from the ground from dachau, etc. i treasure them.

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