Back to the Garden Review

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My Travel Tuesday post, and my foodie side come together today, as I review a spectacular farm shop – restaurant business. Located near Holt in north Norfolk, Back to the Garden is a quality farm shop and eatery.  It offers organic meat and veg, and most all of the products are either from the farm itself or from the local area.

We first stopped into Back to the Garden to check out the farm shop. What we found was a great little restaurant/cafe, a quality deli, a butchers – and the farm shop to boot. The cafe is far more a restaurant than “quick cuppa” establishment with table service and a very welcoming staff. We had a great falafel salad (me) and some top quality burger (her), as well as yummy cake and scones. The food is good and fresh, and care is taken with the orders.

The attached deli and farm shop provided some real treats too, such as home-made black pudding (one of my wife’s favourites), cherries that seemed fresh from the tree, and some really great cheeses, including a wonderfully creamy blue goats cheese.

We were able to get some really unexpected treats as well.  A scotch egg made with smoked mackerel instead of sausage.  This had a savoury flavour which is really superior to the average veggie sausage variety.  Items such as large bhajis and various pies and pasties were also on offer.

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The butcher provides their own farm beef which is freshly ground, and we usually (this has become a regular monthly visit) pick up a couple of kilos which sees my wife through the month’s meals in burgers, and casseroles.   On our last visit we bought a single skin-on, boneless chicken breast that was over 2 pounds in weight.  This was cut into four smaller portions, each of which made for an entire poultry portion for meals. The meat is grass-fed and organic, and all raised on their own farm, or obtained locally.

The awards that the shop and restaurant have received are impressive, and well deserved. They include:

    • The Times Top 20 Farm Shops
    • EDP Best Independent Food and Drink Retailer 2013
    • EDP Best Farm Shop 2011
    • EDP Best Farm Shop 2009
    • Soil Association Best Rump Steak 2013
    • Soil Association Best Rib of Beef 2013
    • Soil Association Best Chicken 2012

This is a venue to sample and explore, if in the Cromer or Holt area.


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