Piccalilli Egg-Salad Bagels

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It is the time of year when many of us have an over-abundance of hard boiled eggs at hand.  Here is a tasty lunch idea to take advantage of this windfall of ovo-goodness. It is much like the typical egg salad, but with a bit more bite.

Piccalilli relish is a British take on Indian pickles and chutneys.  It typically has cauliflower, mustard, onion, and gherkin.  It can be sweetened, or left with a bite.  It can also be finely chopped to make it more suitable for sandwiches.  Turmeric gives the pickle its distinctive colour, and other ingredients such as bell pepper may also be in the blend.


  • Eggs 2-3 hard boiled
  • Onion Tbs finely diced
  • Medium Cheddar (or similar) 1 ounce shredded
  • Light Mayonnaise 1 Tbs
  • Piccalilli  1 Tbs (sweet is best, though spicy works well according to taste). [It also works with a slightly different outcome – but still yummy – with American mustard relish or yellow hot dog relish].
  • Bagels 2 -3
  • Lettuce 1/2 cup

imageedit__3341291856 (1).jpg


Shell eggs and dice in a medium bowl.  Shred the cheese over the eggs, and then add the diced onion.  Add the mayo and pickle and mix well.  Set aside and toast halved bagels. While bagels are still warm place lettuce on bottom half, thoroughly covering the centre whole.  Spoon on the egg mixture and top with rest of bagel. Serve and enjoy.





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