Herby Mushroom Omelette

imageedit_20_2002927616 (1).jpg

This is flavour burst dish to liven up a breakfast or brunch. It has a nice balance of herbs, and they bring out the best in the eggs, and compliment the mushrooms. It can be done in one pan or two, but I use the one pan method.


  • Eggs 3 large
  • Oregano 1/2 tsp
  • Basil 1/2 tsp
  • Garlic Powder 1/8 to 1/4 tsp (to taste)
  • Parsley 1 tsp
  • Mushrooms 6 medium
  • Olive Oil 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste


Chop the mushrooms into small pieces and set aside. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a frying or omelette pan and add the mushrooms. Stir as they brown and reduce, ans add salt to taste. In a bowl crack the eggs and add the herbs and seasoning. Whisk well until thoroughly blended.  Remove the mushrooms from the pan into a small dish, and reduce the heat under the pan to medium. Add the remaining oil to the pan and spread evenly.  Then pour the egg mixture into the pan making sure it covers the entire bottom. As it begins to thicken (30 seconds to a minute) use a spatula to lift one end and allow the remaining liquid egg to run under the cooked portion, do this until the top of the omelette is nearly dry. The carefully flip the eggs over in a single sheet to cook remaining mixture.  Spoon the mushrooms evenly on 1/2 of the egg, and fold the remaining half over the top. Place on a plate when warmed all the way through using a spatula.  Serve with buttered toast, and optional ketchup.



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