“Cherry” Temple Mocktail and Cream Soda Option

imageedit_3_4252604749 (1).jpg

The original “Shirley Temple” mocktails, were created in the 1930s to provide a mixed drink alternative for children sharing a meal in a restaurant with their parents. The name was that of a then child actress, though she did not directly have a role in creating the drink. The earliest form of the drink was made with ginger ale and grenadine.

This variation uses lemonade and cherry cordial to provide a similar sweet, “child friendly” alternative.


  • Lemonade (UK “lemonade”, US Sprite or similar) 300 ml
  • Cherry Cordial 30 ml
  • Ice
  • Cherry or Citrus Slice to garnish


Fill a glass 1/2 to 2/3 full of ice, and add the cordial.  Top off with the lemonade.  Stir lightly and garnish.

This is a rather sugary drink as made above. A lower calorie take on it can be done with “diet” or “sugar free” lemonade.  This makes a less sweet drink, but loses some of it distinctive flavour.  After some experimenting, the following variation was found, which while not technically “classic,” I still prefer.


  • Cream Soda 300 – 330 ml
  • Cherry Cordial 30 ml
  • Ice
  • Citrus Slice to garnish

The method remains the same, and the drink remains a bit syrupy. “Diet” Cream Soda can be used and it lowers the “in your face” sweetness.  If low-cal cream soda is not available try this to replicate it.


  • Diet or Low Sugar Lemonade 300 ml (or so)
  • Stevia 1/2 tsp
  • Vanilla Essence large splash


Pour the 1/2 of the lemonade into glass. Sprinkle in the sweetener while stirring gently (it will fizz).  Add the vanilla and again gently, then top off with the remaining lemonade.




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