Great Sustainer


God is the Great Sustainer.  There are many things in life that overwhelm.  There are sustainers which attempt to help us through these trials, but ultimately – these while talented and well-meaning still fall short of providing us with “peace that is beyond all understanding.”

Cancer treatment is a great case in point. Oncologists are generally suburb in what they do – treating the symptoms of cancer.  They may through their God-given skills and talents arrest the disease, and even reverse it by either physically removing it from the body, or “killing” it within.  What they don’t do generally in their limited focus on the “disease” is tell the patients what the consequences of treatment are.  “We will beat this,” sounds great, but it means we will get rid of the tumor.  They really don’t seem to see the effects as “major”, after all you are still alive.  Yes, alive burned from radiation.  Yes, alive with adhesions in your internal organs.  Yes, alive psychologically afraid of all things clinical. Yes, alive but “chemo brained” and forgetful.

These are nonetheless dedicated sustainers of life.  They really do have positive motives, and care for some aspects of well being.  They merely lack a bigger picture, which only God sees.  I as a minister care deeply for the souls and spiritual well-being of those with whom I serve.  I counsel, care, and even cry with people.  I too am a sustainer.  But I am limited.  I can’t treat cancer. I can’t fix your plumbing. I can’t repair your car. Nor, with my limited abilities, would you want me to try.

Each of us sustains those around us in little ways.  Some in even “major” ways (doctors). But all pale in comparison to the Great Sustainer, Who I am in more need of today than ever.

Lord, please sustain us today.


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