A Brief Stop in Aberystwyth

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Aberystwyth Pier

When our daughter was at university in Wales, we had several occasions to visit the West Coast. One of the nice seaside stops was Aberystwyth.  This town is a classic British beach setting with a beach, pier, and over looking cliffs.

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The beach is below the promenade and makes an arch around Cardigan Bay from the edge of town to the cliffs.

imageedit_3_8974663075 (1).jpg

Beach and Cardigan Bay

I enjoyed the promenade as a place to enjoy the views and to relax on the serpent themed benches.  After a brief “soaking it in” be headed to the pier for some ice cream and a pie.

Don Gelato’s  Ice Cream Parlour is part of the Royal Pier complex and is adjoined to the Inn on the Pier. There were multiple cone types, but ice cream/gelato flavours are the real choices to make. We had Turkish delight, strawberry, and chocolate. They were flavourful, and had a really great texture. The scoops were relatively large compared to some seafront cones we have had, and while not cheap, they are good value for money considering the quality. There was some queuing to be served, but the quality of the ice cream was worth it, and the staff were doing their best to accommodate everyone. This really has to be the place to get your seaside cone on a warm day.


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