Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

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Today is the 150th American Memorial Day. It was established in 1868 in the aftermath of the Civil War to remember those who died in service to their country. While it began as a Civil War memorial, it has come to remember all of the service people who gave their lives.

At Madingley near Cambridge, England there is an American War Cemetery which largely is the resting place and memorial for those who died in the UK, the Atlantic, or who were missing in operations over the sea or over the continent. There are 3,812 graves of the war dead (including Joe Kennedy, Jr), and the names of 5,127 missing.

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Missing in Action

The lay out is similar to many period American War Cemeteries, with the white crosses and Stars of David in neat rows, and well maintained grounds.  There is a chapel, and a visitor centre as well.

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Along the wall of the missing there are statues depicting the Army, the Air Corps (Force), Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines.

This is a solemn place to visit, but very moving.

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Marine Corps MIAs

On this Memorial Day we can remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and reflect on what it means to serve.




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