Noah Faith


Just some brief musings today on the faith of Noah.  The tenth patriarch of Genesis was a man who strove to do good.  So much in fact that God singled him out when He decided to punish humanity as the central figure of those who would be saved.

His standing out as righteous amid a corrupt generation, is a good starting point.  But Noah went beyond.  When he was told that there would be a flood, he obeyed and constructed the ark as God told him to, “Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he (Genesis 6:22).”

He took about 100 years to complete his task.  Noah built it as instructed, as a box.  This was no boat. It does not seem to be tapered at a prow, nor does it have a rudder.  His trust and obedience was complete.  There was no second guessing.  He was not to be a sailor or navigator, but a zoo keeper aboard a structure the shape of a shoe box.

Noah put his life in God’s hands, and was willing for the floods (emotional and literal) to take him where God desired.

Do we second guess?  Do we seek a Plan B? Are we obedient even to follow what the world would call absurd? Do we have Noah faith?



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