“B”LT Sandwich (Veggy Cheaters Guide)

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Bacon seems to be the great deal breaker when it comes to people staying vegetarian. There are loads of mock bacon products on the market, that try to close the gap for the craving, but most “fakon” options fall short in one way or another. Some look the part but have the taste of smokey soy.  Others taste okay, but are limp with odd textures.

With all that said, when making a BLT I have found a cheat which while unconventional gives the basic flavour, and a crisp crunch of bacon (though it totally fails in the visual category). The “secret” ingredient is bacon flavoured crisps.

It is ironic that most “meat” flavoured crisps in the UK contain no meat products. Be it chicken tikka, smokey bacon, or BBQ beef, there is meat.  The real irony is that of all the flavours only cheese and onion doesn’t have the “suitable for vegetarians” label.

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So here it goes,


  • Bread or Roll of your choice
  • Tomato 1 (sliced)
  • Iceberg Lettuce or Mixed Leaf small handful
  • Bacon Flavoured Crisps (Potato Chips) 8 to 10
  • Mayonnaise 2 tsp


This is an easy 1, 2, 3 operation. Place half of the mayo on each half of the bread. Place 2 slices of tomato and a small portion of leaf on the bottom piece. Then add the crisps (as if bacon). Close sandwich and enjoy.


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