Daily Prayer


It isn’t my custom to write many quick “thought for the day” pieces. That said there is one brief idea that was shared by Pastor Billy Onen that has sat with me since Sunday. He remarked that our prayers are like manna. Just as the God sent “bread from heaven” was found each morning by the Hebrews in the desert, so our prayers should be fresh each day as well.  The Israelites could not collect a double portion to keep for the next day as it would go off. So too, we should not rest on our “old” conversations with God.

Our relationship with anyone, including God, will wither if it is not nurtured by communication. We should be eager to start each day afresh with the building of our relationship.

Jesus, in His model prayer said “Give us THIS DAY, our daily bread.” Just like the children in the desert, it is a daily practice to be fed by God.  Let us pray this day, and every day.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prayer

    • Thank you for that and the prayers. Yes, my word choice is something to ponder. The manna – prayer concept made a deep impression on me, thus the idea was recurrent in my thoughts. But yes, my wife has sat with me as well. And your post has given me a blessing and a smile.


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