Lavender Sugar

imageedit__6126465443 (1).jpg

It’s summer, and the lavender is in bloom, so it is the perfect time to make lavender sugar.  This is a great little confection that goes well with teas, cream desserts, and as my favourite use, as the sweetener in cheese cake.

It really is simple to do as well.


  • Lavender Heads about 10-20
  • Granulated White Sugar 2 cups


Cut the lavender heads just under the bottom blooms, keeping the blossoms on the stem. Place a quarter of the flowers in a 1 Litre (one quart) Kilner or Mason jar.  Pour 1/3 of the sugar over the blooms, then layer a few more flowers and sugar until all is used. Seal tightly and set aside.  The next day, holding the jar firmly, shake vigourously and set aside again. Repeat for 3 days.  The mixture is now ready to be used, and will keep for several weeks (even months).

imageedit_1_3294151447 (1)

The flowers can be filtered out after three days, or kept in the jar.  If retaining them, shake the jar periodically the best mix the lavender into the blend. Then just remove them before use.



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