(Strawberry Fat Bomb Mini Mousse) Fat Bomb Number 3

imageedit_1_3286479379 (1).jpg

Variety, they say, is the spice of life, so my “fat bomb” experiments continue in order to come up with a diverse and I hope satisfying range of yummy things for my wife to enjoy. I was looking for a break in the nut based and especially coconut flavoured options, and berries seemed a good way to go.  Not too many fruits (keeping the sugars down) but enough to flavour the “fats.”  In this case the fats are in the form of butter and cream cheese. This was envisioned as a ball “bomb,” but I found it too soft to keep form.  But as it was creamy and easy to dish out, the idea of serving it in egg cups arose. While not a traditional mousse it has much of the same feel.


  • Cream Cheese 5 Tbs (full fat)
  • Butter 2 -3 Tbs (unsalted)
  • Strawberries 2-3
  • Stevia 1 tsp well rounded (or to taste)


Soften the butter, but do not melt. Mix the cream cheese, sweetener, and butter.  In a flat bottomed bowl, mash the berries with a fork retaining any juice. Stir the cheese and butter mixture mixing until mildly pink.  Place is refrigerator overnight. Then using a small spoon, dish it into individual egg cups.  Place mini mousses it a fridge and chill until needed.


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