Sun Tea (Mini Tip)

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It is unusual that the summer weather has kept on so long here in the UK. And while most Brits seem to prefer traditionally brewed hot tea, there is a place in weather such as this to make iced tea.  One of the methods for brewing large quantities of this is to make “sun tea.”  This uses the bright sunny days to make a cooling drink to deal with the heat.

It requires a large glass jar (2 litres works really well) and just a few tea bags.


  • Water 2 litres
  • Tea Bags (of your choice) 4


Fill the jar to near the brim with tap water, and place the tea bags into the water with the strings outside the jar.  Close the lid to hold the strings in place, and place is a sunny position (garden table, etc) for about 4 hours.

When the tea is of a good colour, remove the bags and sweeten to taste.  Serve with a slice of citrus over ice.


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