A Quick Look at the Home of the Bard

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Jester, Henley Street

We were travelling in the area, so we thought a quick stop in Stratford-upon-Avon would make for an interesting side trip.  We really only had an afternoon, but it gave us a taste of this history packed town in Warwickshire.

We first set out to see and photograph key Shakespeare related buildings. The first of these was Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. While not strictly in Stratford (it is in an outlying village), it was very easy to access.  This was the home of Shakespeare’s wife before their marriage, and it is a lovely thatched, wattle-and-daub building.  It has gardens, and is a real atmosphere setter for a Bard related visit.

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Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

Shakespeare’s mother’s home is equally beautiful. What is commonly known as Mary Arden’s House or Mary Arden’s Farm is another example of quality timber framed construction. There has been some misunderstanding of where Mary Arden actually lived, but this house has long been associated with her, though it way well actually be her neighbours’ house.  It is nonetheless part of the Shakespeare story.

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Mary Arden’s House (or Palmer Farm)

It was then onwards to town centre and Shakespeare’s birthplace.  This is a half timbered building on Henley Street, and is in a pedestrian shopping precinct.  Parking is nearby, and it is a short walk to other attractions.

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Nearby are the Shakespeare Centre and the Shakespeare Library and Archive.  These provide a range of resources on the author and his works.

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There was much more to see, but time was waning.  So it was time for some quick souvenir and gift shopping and then on our way.  It is worth noting that their is a quirky magic and fantasy themed shop  not for from the Shakespeare Centre where we got some Harry Potter themed bits for friends and family as well.



Link to Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Magic Alley

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