Little Church in the Sea

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St Cwyfan’s in the Distance

We recently visited the Island of Anglesey in North Wales, and on the Holy Island there is a small church built on an island terrace at Aberffraw. This small white building is down a long single track road, and then on a foot path along the rugged coast.  This is Cwyfan’s Church and it is a 12th Century chapel style church named in honour of the Irish saint, Kevin.

It was originally built on the end of a peninsula, but centuries of erosion have left it on a small island (Cribinau), and is surrounded by a sea wall giving it the terraced look.

We were lucky enough to arrive at low tide, and it provided a wonderful effect, and was a reminder of the faith of those prepared to worship even in these bleakest of conditions.

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Rugged Coast

There is not much there for the “tourist” apart from the feel of holiness of the site, and the wild natural beauty of the coast.  The island itself has the church, a few graves and a bench in the churchyard. There is no parking (people park on the farm lane), and no amenities.  It is nevertheless, a moving place.

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