North Wales Adventure: Portmeirion Revisited

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It had been some time since we visited the village (though my post on it is relatively more recent).  As my wife’s cancer diagnosis has given us a sense of time constraint, we have set out to revisit places which are significant to us.   Portmeirion Village is one of these.

We bought a day ticket, and for those with disability there is a concession of a free entry for a carer.  This made the visit really economical as well as meaningful. While using a wheelchair or mobility scooter in the village has its drawbacks (hills, cobbles, and some areas only accessible by stairs) it is still a wonderful place to explore, with most of the best sights still within reach.

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We visited the main street where there was a progression of weddings going on it being a Saturday.  It was wonderful to see the beautiful dresses, and people enjoying their “happiest days.”

We were able to see some areas we had missed on the previous visit as well, especially in the village hall area.

imageedit_4_2732010573 (1).jpg

Garden Feel

We stopped at Caffi’r Sgwâr (Cafe Sugar) and had Welsh cakes and tea.  The cakes were very nice with powdered sugar and butter. The service was good, though the shop is a bit small, we didn’t feel cramped, and the window seat allowed a nice view of the village.

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Welsh Cakes

We also stopped at the Prisoner Shop (I’m not a number) and bought a couple of souvenirs and a “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered” t-shirt.

I also had a Caffi’r Angel mint ice cream.  While it was not the best mint cone I have ever had it was still enjoyable, and I am able the say now that I have had the Village’s own ice cream.

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Time to just chill

The Italianate architecture was just as wonderful as before, not that it has changed, but that its ability to inspire is just as good on a second visit.

We really enjoyed this “blast from our past,” and I am glad to have revisited.



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