Godmanchester: River and Water Meadows

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We had some errands to run in the Godmanchester/Huntingdon area, and as we were passing we saw the beautiful sight of the Causeway and the water meadows beyond.  It became a must see stop.

We found parking near the Godmanchester sign, and then made our way to the Chinese bridge, and the water meadows.  This is not a very difficult walk, and is well paved.  If crossing the bridge however, there are a couple of stairs to negotiate if using a wheelchair, or similar.

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Godmanchester has really done a great job in this area making for a garden like experience with large willows along the Great Ouse (river) and more human touches such as hanging baskets of flowers along the causeway and the river walk trail.

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Chinese Bridge

Several pleasure boats were also moored in the area, and this added to, rather than detracting from the peaceful feel.

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Ducks, geese, swans, and moorhens were in abundance, and it was interesting to watch them frolic. There were even fish jumping from the river, something we hadn’t seen for a while.  There are several benches along the route, and they provide a great place just to relax and take it in.  Public toilets are available near the Council offices, and for those wanting to make a longer stay of it, there is a pub (The Royal Oak) and a chippy (The Riverside) for a bite or a drink.

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Willows and Water Fowl

This pleasant walk is at the heart of Godmanchester.  The town was a Celtic, and then Roman settlement, Durovigutum before becoming chartered as a town in 1212 by King John. That said the name predates the charter as a variant of it appears in the Doomsday Book.

It was a really lovely stop, and one worth making if off the beaten trail.


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