Crab and Tomato Salad with Sweetcorn

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We were at Cromer over the weekend, and Cromer is the place for British North Sea  crab. We found a very nice fishmonger on Garden on garden Street called Davies, and bought three nice dressed crabs.  I have previously posted my recipe for crab and pasta salad. This time I went with crab and tomato with some sweetcorn thrown in for good measure.


  • Dressed Crabs 2 large or 3 medium
  • Bell Pepper 1/4 small
  • Vine Ripened Tomatoes 2
  • Mayonnaise 2 Tbs
  • Spring Onions 2
  • Ground Black Pepper large pinch
  • Sweetcorn 1 ear
  • Salt to taste
  • Water for prep


Bring a medium pan of water to a boil and place the corn in it.  Boil for 3 or 4 minutes, then remove and allow corn to cool.  Dice the bell pepper and tomatoes and place in a large bowl. Remove any rough outer layers of the spring onion and dice the onions as well. Add the onion and crab meat to the bowl. Using a sharp knife cut the kernels from the cob and add to the bowl as well. Add the mayo and stir until in forms a uniform texture. Serve over a bed of lettuce.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.


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