A Day at Cromer

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We went to Cromer as we had been to Sheringham, and the east coast so it was filling in a gap in our coastal exploration. It was a cool but sunny day, and we arrived a bit late in the day (around 1:30 pm), so found parking a bit difficult.

Cromer has a lovely beach. It is accessible relatively easy for disability on the pier end, though parking is rather limited if you don’t arrive early. There is street parking running parallel to the beach as well as you head in the Sheringham direction, but again spaces go quickly. There is a large car park on the cliffs which are reasonable in price, and with lots of spaces. This area also has public toilets. The drawback is that they are well above the beach and those with limited mobility may struggle to get to the sandy bits (at least we did).  All that said this is a good beach, clean sand, and lots of space to spread out, or to explore.

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We did make the most of our paid car parking at the cliffs, and spent the later afternoon watching the sea from the cliffs in what was a fairly quiet setting, with gulls overhead, and a breeze blowing through the scrub on the hill top.

The Blue Sky cafe is across from the public amenities at the Cliff Car park. It is easy to access with a ramp on one door. It has inside seating, and provides hot drinks at one counter, and there are sandwiches and similar snacks available. A second ice cream counter is available for a cone, or to pay for cold drinks. This little cafe was doing loads of business when we visited with people going from the long term parking into town or down to the beach. the service was via the two counters, but while not table service it was still polite and professional.

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As we prepared to leave Cromer for the day we went into the town centre to get some Cromer crab. We found Davies Fish Shop on Garden Street which had loads of great fresh seafood.  We bought dressed crabs, and fresh scallops which they put on ice for us.  The shop has its own boat according to their website, and it did seem a very clean and fresh fishmonger.  The prices were reasonable, and the quality great.
We made our final stop of the day at Back to the Garden where we stocked up on grass fed mince, soup bones to make really great broth, and treacle cured bacon.
This was a great day for enjoying the beach and nature, and filling the pantry with quality foods for the coming week.


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