Nutri Ninja Blender: Review

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I haven’t written much about kitchen gadgets in the past.  Recipes and tips, but not gadgets.  About two months ago my faithful ol’ Morphy Richards blender gave up the ghost. I began looking for a replacement and needed to acquire one quickly as my wife’s food regime calls for a morning kefir smoothie, and I am often mixing up mocktails as well.

What I happened onto (and in the original plan as a temporary measure) was a Nutri Ninja 700W blender & smoothie maker.  This small single serving device has been perfect to my needs. It has two 470 ml cups, with individual “sipping” lids, and a blade mechanism which is placed onto the top of the cup when the raw ingredients have been placed in.  It forms a tight seal, and it is then turned upside down into the motor unit.  This uses gravity to pull the ingredients into the blades when the cup is pressed downward in a pulsing motion.  I have found that four or five ten second blitzes are enough to make perfect smoothies. Once done, the cup is turned upright, and the blade unit removed (and rinsed) and drinking lid put on, and you are ready to go.

Since the same cup is used to drink from as is used for blending, there is no immediate need to clean a blending jug, which is really convenient on a hectic morning.  When the drink is finished, the flask is easy to clean with hot soapy water (I use a baby bottle brush which works perfectly for the Ninja’s size).

As I noted, this was bought as a stop gap measure, but now I am hooked.  It really does all I need in the smoothie and mixed drink department, and makes really smooth drinks with a minimum of mess and often far faster than conventional blenders. It easily liquefies avocado (without lumps), is very efficient with ice, and even pomegranate seeds are blended to a relatively smooth texture.


3 thoughts on “Nutri Ninja Blender: Review

  1. Interesting! I bought my first Nutribullet recently, so a similar beast, but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. I tried to make keto bulletproof coffee in it, but it was so super-efficient that it separated it! I’m inferring from what you’re saying here that maybe I processed it too long

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