Walsingham Farm Shop

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Walsingham Farm Shop

If it hasn’t been made clear in previous posts, I like farm shops. The opportunity to get locally grown produce; organic goods; and non-generic varieties which are not available in big supermarkets are all the pluses of these outlets. I have visited and reviewed several of these in the past. Some are “high end,” others “local and basic,” The Walsingham shop is the best of both worlds. It is relatively small, and the aisles are narrow compared to some.

That said, it is the quality though that makes the difference. The butchers is really high quality! The lamb and beef are grass fed and local. There are some spicy pork sausages available, which are not overpowering, but leave just the tingle on the lips. Lamb sausage is also available, so we bought some for a change from the usual pork. The cheese counter is not extensive, but offers local cheeses, many of which are artisan types. We got a really lovely one made with multiple milks and cream. The deli counter is really broad in its offering. I was able to get several vegetarian friendly treats, including a Scotch Egg made with a mildly spiced veggie bhaji coating rolled in crushed nuts. This was superb. Other treats included a savoury frittata, which was loaded with veg. The shop also has the usual array of “farm shop” goods such as Tea Pigs, flour, and condiments.

The staff were really terrific as well.  The butcher was knowledgeable, and was quick to answer questions about the cuts and the meat in general.  Other members were friendly, and made us to feel welcome in the shop, more like guest rather than just customers.

Walsingham has lots to offer, there is of course the shrine and pilgrimage centre but there are a couple of pubs, and this great shop as well. If in the area, this is a “must sample” shop.



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