2 ÷ 2 = 1: Beyond Division

“Welcome to the First  Assembly Fellowship Church of God in the Trinity Congregation. We are a new outlook, old school modern body with innovative Spirit filled worship, while honouring the solemnity of High Church traditions.” This fictional [I hope] church is an example of the two-headed monster confronting God’s people today. Consumerism and its “we have the church for you” with its something for everyone, everything for no one is one side.  While the “mine is better than yours” segregated, denominational exclusionist vein is the other.

Is our attitude that of “all have sinned and fallen short of the Assemblies of God, therefore repent everyone of you and be Baptists?” Is it about religion, or about our relationship with God? Jesus prayed that His people be unified even as he and the Father are one. Is that our approach?

We divide, we bicker, we compete.  We quarrel over minor points of doctrine, the number of cups used in communion, the mode and manner of music. Surely the outcome must be [and pardon the misapplication of scripture] that “Jesus wept.”



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